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Karachi, , PAKISTAN


Born & educated in the UK, what struck me was the ‘tuition mafia’. I felt that the problem was that the majority of teachers are not trained. Those having skills cash in on this by calling students for home tuition. I started STACK with the aim of providing quality education to students without need for tuition, placing the burden of student achievement solely on the teachers, explaining: getting a grade A student to get an A or A* is no achievement, getting students achieving C, E to get a B or C is. Many capable children are being deprived of quality education due to a lack of funds. I never refuse admission because of social status or their lack of finance. I’ve been paying competitive salaries & running the school largely from my own pocket since 90% of my students pay only what they can afford. I need to run the school & maintain its good quality. We cater to students from different backgrounds, different religions as well as special needs children.

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November 24, 2015

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