How It Works

What makes us different?


No cut from any donation. No cut from any gift aid. No setup or monthly fees.

What does that mean? In short, every dollar you spend has one destination: our classrooms. We're not asking you to pay us a fee in order to put you in touch with a nonprofit somewhere where a portion of your money might eventually make it into a classroom. We are that nonprofit, and we offer a direct line for you to provide resources to students who need a helping hand. Nothing off the top, just your donation made into a priceless educational opportunity.

Epic Fundraising

Works on your Mobile

Fundraising pages can be set up and work on your phone's web browser, so your supporters can sponsor on the move.

Works on your iPhone, Android & Windows Phone

FREE, no App required!

Simple & Social

All the information you need at a glance. Built to be social but you decide when and where to share

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