About Us

Why Education?

We believe If there is one inalienable right, it is the right of everyone to pursue an education. This right should not be restricted by anyone, any power, or any government, yet, this is not the world in which we live. Right now, there are millions upon millions of children, especially girls, who will never see the inside of a classroom or know a better way of life than that of their parents before them. Hemaa.org allows individuals and companies to sponsor children in the most innovative and inexpensive manner so that young students everywhere can realize the dream of an education. Through Hemaa.org, one person can reach out to someone less fortunate, and help them to break out of a cycle that promises a life of poverty and despair and into a future that can be far brighter than the one that they face without education.


What does Hemaa mean?

In Sanskrit, Hemaa means “Gold.” It is also the name of the little girl who grew up in our house where her mother was a maid, and later, Hemaa became our maid. She is also the inspiration for the Hemaa.org's crowd-funding platform that ensures access to private education. Hemaa’s two little girls are living the dream of millions of little girls all over the world still living in poverty with no hope for a better life. They attend a private school and look forward to a future as bright as the sun. Hemaa.org can make a difference in the lives of millions of children, especially little girls all over the world.


How does it work?

Hemaa is an innovative crowd-sourcing platform of global proportions. It enables anyone to directly fund hope-giving, life-changing education directly to the school and student without passing through numerous fund-draining corporations, government, and individuals. It is aimed at making education possible for anyone, and especially little girls anywhere on the planet for as little as $10. To ensure its efficiency, Hemaa.org is part of the nonprofit organisation Edequal Foundation based in London, UK. Not a charity, Hemaa is a nonprofit startup that ensures the reception of the gift of education that is a fundamental human right.